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Soil Testing Equipment
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Hot Plates
Heating Mantles
Point Apparatus
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Educational Charts
Manufacturers of high quality scientific instruments, civil engineering equipment, laboratory equipment, testing equipments and survey equipment for industrial & educational use.
Civil Engineering Equipment
Material Testing EquipmentsThickness Gauge, Length Gauge, Cylindrical Measures, Metal Measures, Density Basket, Riffle Sample Divider, Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus, Aggregate Impact Tester & more...
Bitumen - Asphalt Testing EquipmentRing And Balll Apparatus, Standard Penetrometer, Ductility Testing Apparatus, Stripping Value Apparatus, Benkleman Beam, Centrifuge Extractor, Marshall Stability Test Apparatus & more...
Cement / Concrete Testing EquipmentCement Sampler, Blaine'S Air Permeability Apparaus, Air Permeability Apparatus (Rigden Type), Vicat Needle Apparatus, Le Chatelier Flask, Gillmore Needle Apparatus, Kelley Ball Penetration Apparatus & more... Soil Testing EquipmentPlastic Limit Set, Shrinkage Limit Set, Cone Penetrometer, High Speed Stirrer, Liquid Limit Device, Grain Size Analysis (Pipette Method), Marsh Cone, Soil Hydrometer, Mud Balance, Sand Pouring Cylinder & more...

Survey Equipments

Altimeter, Sight Vane Brass, Survey Umbrella, Drawing Box, Magnifying Glass, Beam Compass   more...

Soil Testing Equipments

Air Entrainment Meter, Mortar Mixer, Penetrometer, Mixing Apparatus, Slump Cone, Extensometer, Le Chatelier Mould   more...

Tensile Testing Equipment Torsion Testing Equipment
Compression Testing Equipment  
Educational Equipment

Physics Equipment

Browse physics equipments under Balance, Electricity, Electronics, Heat, Magnetism, Mechanics, Meteorology & Hydraulics, Optics, & Sound.  more...

Chemistry Equipment

Wide range of chemistry equipments available under Centrifuge Machines, Chemistry Wooden Ware, Clamps & Boss Heads, General Chemistry Lab Equipment, Porcelain Ware, Razor Sharpner, Retort Stands, Spirit Lamp, Thermometers, Various Burners, Water Taps & Gas Taps  more...

Biology Equipment

High quality biology equipments available under Microtomes & its accessories, Biological Lab Equipment, Photomicrographic Equipment.  more...

Models and Charts

Army, Police & NCC Charts, Display Systems, Geographic Section, Health & Hygiene, History & Life Sciences, Nursary & Life Sciences, Science Section, Teaching Models  more...

Laboratory Glassware & Plasticware

Adapter, Beakers, Bottles, Burette, Chromatography Apparatus, Condenser Liebig, Distillation Apparatus, Flask, Measuring Cylinder, Pipettes, Reaction Assemblies, Recovery Assemblies, Separating Funnel, Stirrers, Thermometer, Tubes, Victor Mayer Apparatus, Viscometer  more...

Mathematical Equipment

Additional Item For Mathematical Lab, Mathematics Kit Junior, Mathematics Kit Senior  more...


Advanced Research Microscopes, Dissection Microscopes, Polarising Microscopes, Projection Microscopes, Research Microscopes, Student Microscopes  more..

Educational Charts

Educational charts for Schools & Technical Institutions like Steam Sectioned, Meteorology, Refrigeration, Smithy, Auto-Engineering, Welding, Engineering Drawing  more...


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